Our Family Album

I could never imagine my life without horses in it. They are part of my soul, part of who I am, and they help ground me in life in the most amazing way.

Elsie Richards, Owner and Manager

Cressy Chaff Cutters


We are a family business providing specialised feed products to horses from all over Tasmania. 

Our mission is to give you the best paddock to feed bin products for your horse. We oversea all our processes for quality and cut frequently to ensure freshness.

I know what it means to get home from work, have dinner to prepare, jobs to do and horses to feed. I know about the costs that continue to come your way for rugs, riding gear, vet checks, and feed.  I know about the sadness that comes with the loss of a horse, and I know about the days when it all goes wrong, and the new rug is ripped, you've had a fall, or there is so much mud and rain you can't ride when you want.  But I also know the joy horses bring, and the special bond that can develop between an owner and their horse. 

My name is Elsie Richards, and I purchased Cressy Chaff Cutters to become my family business in 2015.  We run our business with family in mind. Our depot is close to home so we have time to spend with our children and own horses, and deliver our products state wide so you too can save time to be with your family. 

I know personally what it means to take a young horse, and put in endless hours of training, perseverance and grit to reach a goal. I know that takes time and money, and I know it takes support - from our family and friends, and from many people in the industry who can give back. I run our family business to ensure we support horse owners and riders all over the state, so they can feel confident their horse is receiving the right food at the right time to be their best. As a business, we are also dedicated to giving back - and we are proud to support riders through our sponsorship program.  

As a dedicated show jumper and horse breeder myself, I understand the work and volunteer effort that goes into putting a horse event together and I am passionate about keeping our great events going.  As a business, we want to help small regional shows to continue, and regularly support local horse events financially so the good times can keep on rolling. I have made many dear friends through horses, and great memories, and I want those opportunities to be there for my own children when they are older.