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Why we do what we do

At Cressy Chaff Cutters, we’re committed to providing you and your horse with exceptional feed in locations that are close for you.  Located in Bracknell, Tasmania, we are here to provide quality feed you can rely on, and provide a delivery service because we know how busy horse lovers are!


We believe that all horses deserve the best go in life, and we make an effort to make sure you have the best chance to provide the care and support your horse needs. We want to help you look after your horse so it can be healthy and happy. 


We provide a range of horse feed products, available through our depot in Bracknell, via our retails stores, or through our home delivery service. We know horses, and we know good feed - we know feed benefits and when a change might be needed.  We are here to provide advice so you can feel confident you are delivering the right nutrients at the right time for your horse. 


We source the best raw and whole ingredients we can from Tasmania and further afield on the mainland to ensure your horse has the highest quality feed. At our depot, we roll, mix and bag a large range of feed options.  Two of our most popular products are our Low Sugar Chaff and our Speciality Mixed Feeds.

Whole & Rolled Feeds

We have a range of 20 kg whole feed bags of oats, wheat, maize, barley and lupins. 

We also offer the following rolled feeds in 20 kg bags: oats, maize, barley and lupins.

Speciality & Mixed Feeds

We provide lucerne pellets and canola meal, along with a large range of pre-mixed feeds to suit your needs. 

We have bulk buying options and can custom mix feed to your liking. 

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